What’s on Your Advocacy Wish List?


Advocacyguide_2 Ever wonder how to get through to your Senators? Or what your Representative really wants to know? Maybe you have a burning desire to see your name in the op-ed section of your local newspaper. Or you’re wondering what a conference committee actually does in the U.S. Congress. Well, wonder no more. These questions and more are answered in the ASCD Advocacy Guide (PDF).

Even if you only have two minutes to spare, the tips in this guide can help you to help your students and school. The guide includes advice for planning an advocacy campaign, communicating with policymakers, making your voice heard, and ensuring your advocacy is effective and efficient.

With education funding still in the works for fiscal year 2007, and NCLB reauthorization just over the horizon, the time for advocacy on behalf of students is now, and the voice needed is yours. Say it with me: We are educators. We know what works. Together we can make a difference.