What’s Next for High Schools?


With NCLB requiring testing just once in high school, President Bush, Secretary Spellings, and others have been talking for awhile about ramping up high school reform either through NCLB or another means. Meanwhile, educators and other experts are pulling together their best ideas and research to help make sure the federal government doesn’t muck it up.

ASCD is included in the latter group. We feel strongly that high school reform needs to be done right and we’ve made it one of our top five legislative priorities this year. We are also working to draft legislation that aims to improve the overall high school experience and spur greater involvement with communities and businesses.

With more than 18,000 high schools in the United States, it’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach would be a shame. What we need now is more innovation, not less. We also need to remember that different approaches work for different students, particularly given that high schoolers head in a variety of directions after graduation day. We examine that issue – and a recent report that found college-prep coursework for all is not the silver bullet answer – in the latest issue of EDPolicy Update.