What’s Your Education Job Search Advice?


Canter-c120x148As the school year and my internship wind down, I’m looking forward to next year but am also anxious about future uncertainties.

Due to the nature of my internship—one year, ending August 2011—I’m unsure what position I’ll hold in the coming school year. Hoping for a placement in my current district, where I’ve learned a great deal about how the system works and built several solid professional networks, I’m nonetheless steadily filling out applications both inside and outside my current district lines.

The wait is killing me. Daily I check job postings, polish my resume, make phone calls, and keep my ear to the ground about any possible openings. After my internship, I now know I’d prefer an assistant principalship at the elementary or high school level. My middle school experience was not as enjoyable as my other experiences; then again, that could be school-specific and not level-specific.

I’m at a crossroads, hunting for my first real position as an assistant principal. With many districts facing hiring freezes, this is a particularly hard time to find work in education. What’s helped you most in your job search? How do you ensure that your talents and credentials are well-represented? What would you suggest to a novice administrator looking for his first assistant principal position?