What to Expect When Attending an Education Conference

conference image

Let’s pretend that you have a Fairy Godmother (or Godfather!) who promises to grant you the two outcomes you seek from your next professional learning conference. And let’s pretend that you told this wish granter that you’d like to:

  1. Solve a vexing problem of practice while at the conference; and
  2. Leave with a peer- and expert-reviewed strategic action plan in hand–one that’s personalized to your unique student population and that can be put to work immediately.

What if we told you that this conference is not the stuff of fairytales but an actual conference that’s happening this summer—one that you can still register to attend?

You read that correctly.

ASCD’s upcoming 2018 Conference on Teaching Excellence, June 29-July 1, is not your typical sit’n’git professional learning. This is a highly personalized Learn and Do experience, one that we want you to be part of.

By attending this professional learning conference you’ll work alongside national experts and skilled practitioners to build your own action plan for addressing student equity across one of four pathways: STEAM, Community and Family Engagement, Underserved Populations, and Teacher Leadership.

A team of content experts and professional peers will guide and support you through hands-on collaboration and on-the-spot problem-solving. By the time you’re ready to pack up and head back home, you’ll have created a concrete and peer-reviewed equity action plan that you can put to work ASAP.

You’ll get to explore practical solutions aligned to the four equity pathways by attending concurrent sessions (15 in all!) on the first two days of the conference. Experienced practitioners will share case studies, promising practices, and actionable ideas in lively, interactive sessions. You’ll also be granted time, each day, to work on your equity plan of action. (Yes, we really have thought of everything, including setting aside planning time, just like a real Fairy Godmother would!)

On day 3, you’ll exhibit your action plan and receive feedback, input, and ideas on it from other attendees, ASCD author experts, and facilitators.

How many times do you get to bring a seemingly insurmountable challenge with you to a professional learning conference and leave with a personalized, peer-reviewed equity plan of action to solve it?

The Conference on Teaching Excellence is the real deal. We hope to see you in Grapevine, Texas, in a few weeks!

If you arrive in a pumpkin that looks like a carriage, we won’t say anything. But we do suggest leaving the ballgowns and suits at home. Pack comfy shoes and clothes instead; you’ve got important student equity work to accomplish!