Top Four Graduation Rate Takeaways


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PP Grad Rates 300x300U.S. graduation rates have been the focus of increased attention from both educators and policymakers. Examples of this heightened focus include the development of a new nationwide graduation rate measurement and greater awareness of the disparity in graduation rates across student populations.

With the majority of states now implementing rigorous academic standards that aim to help more students graduate better prepared for life after high school, the topic of graduation rates is unlikely to go away any time soon.

The latest Policy Points, “Top Four Graduation Rate Takeaways,” highlights what you need to know about the nation’s graduation rate. Here’s a list of the top four takeaways:

  • The graduation rate is the highest it has ever been.
  • The graduation rate measurement recently changed, allowing for more accurate state-by-state and long-term comparisons.
  • Persistent gaps remain between the graduation rates of subgroups.
  • The increase in the national graduation rate is due to focused, local efforts as opposed to broad, sweeping changes.

See the issue for more detailed information, including insight from district leaders about the efforts their schools are implementing to increase local graduation rates.






































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