Top 10 Educational Leadership Articles of 2019


As we welcome a new year, we’re taking a look back at the most widely read Educational Leadership articles of 2019. Educational Leadership published more than 100 articles in nine issues in 2019, addressing themes such as “The Power of Instructional Leadership,” “What New Teachers Need,” and “A Culture of Coaching.”

This year’s most popular article, penned by Jessica Minahan, explains how small changes in classroom interactions can make a big difference for traumatized students.

Other popular pieces covered topics such as the three most vital competencies every teacher should acquire; how instructional coaching, done well, should foster teacher autonomy, not top-down control; and why students need to hear something positive about themselves every day.

Here are the top reads of 2019:

1. Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies by Jessica Minahan

2. Focusing on the Essentials by Mike Schmoker

3. The Instructional Leader’s Most Difficult Job by Pete Hall

4. A Letter to New Teachers by Chase Mielke

5. Embracing the Power of Less by Mike Schmoker

6. You Can’t Have a Coaching Culture Without a Structure by Elena Aguilar

7. The Teens Are Not Alright by Cathy Vatterott

8. Why Teacher Autonomy Is Central to Coaching Success by Jim Knight

9. Respect from Day One by Robert Jackson

10. Becoming a Warm Demander by Shane Safir

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