Cs the Day with Toliver

Toliver_1e“We keep talking about the gap. We create the gap when we try to move kids too fast, and we don’t start where kids are in their educational scheme of things. So I would start with where my children were, and I would build up. Like I said, the house don’t start on the 6th floor, it starts on the bottom. You’ve got to build up.”

Kay Toliver, of the award-winning series, Good Morning Miss Toliver, livened the crowd during her Saturday morning opening session, at the 2006 Conference on Teaching and Learning.

Central to her charismatic presentation were what she calls the “Seven Cs of Effective Teaching”

  • CaringToliver_4e_2
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Conviction
  • Commitment

Kay Tolliver on communicating content to students…

“I made sure that whatever I discussed with them, I supplied them with some kind of visual image of what it was I was talking about. It is key that when we communicate information to students, we have a complete picture for them, so that they can see it, they can understand it, they can do it, and then you know they’ve learned it when they can come back and, number one, tell it to you. Because I always say: If they can hold it in their hands, they can hold it in their mind. And if they can hold it in their mind, then they can write it down, and when they can write it down and talk about it, that’s when you know they understand, and learning has taken place.”

Photos by Mark Regan



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