Three Reasons Why You Should Vote in ASCD’s Election


board electionsThe ASCD General Membership Election of Board Members is in full swing. This is your opportunity to vote and select the future leaders of your organization. You may be thinking, “Why is this is important? I’m not choosing the president of the United States, the governor, or the head of my local school board. This is just an organization to which I pay dues, receive publications, and periodically attend professional development.” If this thought has crossed your mind, here are three reasons to vote that might help you change your mind-set.

  1. Your vote affects change and the future of ASCD.

ASCD is made up of members just like you, working hard to educate, teach, and lead all around the globe. As our world changes, so do our perceptions and our outreach. By voting for the best Board candidate, you are influencing the direction the organization takes in this decision-making process. The Board of Directors sets agendas, develops forums, and makes decisions for the fiscal future of ASCD. Your vote may ensure that the focus of the organization continues to look to the needs of its membership.

  1. Your voice should be heard.

ASCD provides many avenues for you to share your voice. You may read and respond to posts on Inservice and ASCD EDge® or participate in Twitter chats. Maybe you provide professional development with ASCD products and services. Perhaps you are a member of your state affiliate, follow and respond to the topics of the ASCD Forum, or are an Educator Advocate. There’s even the possibility that you were or will be selected as an ASCD Emerging Leader. Whatever your level of participation, ASCD listens. Your involvement with ASCD offers an inside perspective on how the organization works. The Board should know your needs as a learner, a teacher, and leader, and voting for a Board member is another platform through which your voice can be heard.

  1. Students Matter!

Period. We chose to be members of this organization for different reasons. But it all boils down to the students. We are their strongest, most valuable advocates. While we may not have fully penetrated the halls of Congress yet and gotten the whole child at the fore of legislative decision making, voting for effective leaders for ASCD is a step in the right direction. We need leaders who will advocate for our students and influence others to make decisions to ensure that all students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Collectively, voting for the next member of the ASCD Board of Directors can lead to a stronger voice with which to represent our students.

So go vote!

Alina Davis is the chairperson for the ASCD Nominations Committee, an ASCD Emerging Leader, the past president of the Florida ASCD, and a teacher, parent, and advocate for all students.




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