The Year in Quotes


Canter-c120x148Formerly a teacher, now an administrator-in-training, Chris Canter blogs about his yearlong assistant principal internship at Fulton County Public Schools in Atlanta, Ga. Canter was a 2010 ASCD OYEA honoree.

When we dismissed our students last Friday, my time as an administrative intern in a local school building came to an end. This week, I help get the building prepare for summer shutdown. Next Monday, I report to our county’s central office. I will work with the Professional Learning Department to help facilitate and create training for our schools’ principals and leadership teams. Wrapping up this school year, I have had the opportunity to reflect on not only my experiences as an administrator, but also the things I’ve heard.

Here’s a collection of my favorite quotes from this year.

  1. “This school could be so much fun if we didn’t have to do all this work.” —A student in the hallway.
  2. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” —Stated directly to me by a principal, two administrators, and three teachers during my first day at a middle school.
  3. “Since it’s the last day of school, you can’t do anything to me anyway.” —A student who had just engaged in a fight with another student (his suspension carries over into next year).
  4. “I know, I know . . . you’re just doing your job.” —A student reprimanded for possession of a lighter.
  5. “So, is the final exam the FINAL exam?” —A student to a teacher.
  6. “When does my diploma become effective?” —A student asked me a week before graduation.
  7. “Can’t we just taser her or something?” —A student asked a School Resource Officer about another student.
  8. “Lunch? You’re not allowed to eat lunch here; you’re too busy.” —Another administrator said to me, jokingly, as we worked on a project.
  9. “Teaching in high school is a lot like being in high school.” —A teacher.
  10. “How does this change of the price of tea in China?” —Stated to me by our discipline secretary.

Each of these, of course, has unique memories attached. The conversations, the insights, and the laughter, however, renew and re-energize me as I prepare for another year.

What did you hear that you’ll remember from this year?