The Teacher Who Made the Difference



 “I still remember the project in his classroom where we transformed the entire room into the surface of Mars.”

“When I found myself homeless and hopeless, she seemed to see me in a way that no other adult could.”

You Make A Diff image“It is her hugs that I feel whenever a little one hugs me now. I don’t shy from hugging them back because I remember how much I needed the hugs.”

“He helped me dream, apply to college, write the essays, and win scholarships. He also followed my progress all four years, cheering me on and offering advice.”

“She inspired me to become the teacher I am today.”

These are excerpts from just a few of the stories contributed to the “Tell Me About” column in Educational Leadership’s summer 2014 digital issue, available June 16. We asked educators to reminisce about a teacher who made a big difference in their lives by providing a steady, supportive presence in hard times; by recognizing their gifts and talents; by challenging them to reach higher; by modeling a passion for the subject; or just by making learning fun.

Almost all of us can remember that “one special teacher.” Add your own story here: What teacher made the difference for you?


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