The Surprising Gift That Teachers Really Want

From Canva

May is not only the month for spring flowers, Mother’s Day, and pool openings, it is also the time to give thanks to an underappreciated group of frontline workers: teachers. This year, teachers battled uncertainty as they navigated virtual instruction and prepared for a gradual reopening. They learned technology on the fly, and by most accounts, smashed expectations. Despite the challenges they faced, teachers worked tirelessly to support students’ academic and social-emotional needs, all while juggling their own mental health. For these reasons and more, we wanted to learn what gives teachers joy so that we can continue to appreciate them all year long.

We took to Twitter to ask teachers when they felt most appreciated by a student, and which gift (material or not) gave them the most joy. A simple thank you or note of appreciation, they agreed, can go a long way:

How will you take a moment this month—and remaining school year—to appreciate a teacher? Join the conversation with the hashtag #ASCDTeacherAppreciation.