The Promise of Leadership



It is my pleasure to announce the release of ASCD’s 2013 Annual Report, titled “The Promise of Leadership: Sustaining Learning, Transforming Teaching.”


We designed this parallax-based report as a richweb experience for you, the reader: the 2013 Annual Report is an animated, interactive journey that showcases ASCD’s programs, products, and services.

Using quotes from the past, highlights of ASCD’s work in 2013, and four different videos, the trend-forward site creates a narrative story of ASCD’s work and features insights into ASCD’s past, present, and future. We encourage you to explore the many stories in the report’s three categories: sustaining, transforming, and leading.

Visit to get started. In addition, the report content is easy to e-mail and share on popular social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.