The GM Educator Discount Program


You create possibilities for your kids. We create possibilities for you.

You know the drill…you’re late to a dinner with friends because you wanted to stay after school and help one of your students with that math problem that they were having trouble understanding.

Or maybe you missed watching part of the game on TV with your spouse because you had to talk to parents after the science fair.

Or you gave up that after-school run because you wanted to make sure that your lesson plan was 100% perfect.

As an educator, you’re always going the extra mile.

And you deserve something special for everything you sacrifice.

That’s what the GM Educator Discount Program is about. It’s our way of showing you the support and appreciation that you truly deserve. Now let’s introduce you to the program and give you more information about how you can save.

What exactly is the GM Educator Discount Program?

The GM Educator Discount1 delivers valuable savings on eligible, new Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles. Plus, you can combine your discount with most current offers to get an even better deal! You can even build the vehicle of your dreams online before you step inside the dealership.

Who is eligible to participate in the GM Educator Discount Program?

All educators, administrators, faculty and support staff who work at a public school, private school, university or college. If you work within the school system, you can take advantage of big savings! But please note: To qualify for this program, you must be a resident of the United States.

How do I get started with the program and get my discount?

It’s easy! You’re only a couple of steps away from saving on the GM vehicle of your dreams!

  1. First, log on to
  2. Create an account for yourself.
  3. Click the green “Get Authorization Number,” sign in with your user name and password, and follow the prompts.
  4. Print your authorization number and take it to your participating GM Dealer along with a copy of your school ID/badge or a copy of a current pay stub.2

Can I share my discount?

You can share your GM Educator Discount with your spouse and dependent children. Please note: Dependent children must either be under 21 years of age or full-time students under 25 years of age on the date of purchase.

So take advantage of the GM Educator Discount today — it could save you hundreds, even thousands, on your next new vehicle!

For more information about the GM Educator Discount Program, make sure to stop by the GM Educator Discount Booth #2017 at the ASCD Empower19 Conference in Chicago, Illinois, from March 16–18.

1) Must be employed by a public school, private school, college or university. Please note that employees of state or municipal governments may be subject to restrictions that limit their ability to accept this offer. Accordingly, this offer is void unless permitted by state and municipal laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies, codes of conduct, and other directives or standards regarding ethics and gift acceptance by state and municipal employees. By accepting this offer, you verify that it complies with all restrictions regarding ethics and gift acceptance that apply to you. Not available with some other offers.

2) Pay stub must be dated within last 30 days. All information must be redacted except the date, purchaser’s name and school name.

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