Ten Ed-Tech Blogs to Follow


Although Blog Watch usually features a single blog, we’re also on the lookout for posts that suggest the best blogs on a particular topic. One such handy roundup that recently caught our eye was “Ten Education Blogs Worth Following,” from eSchool News’s online editor Meris Stansbury.

As Stansbury astutely writes, “Education blogs, on any and every topic, abound online. Unfortunately, educators are probably the last people who have the time to go out and search for them.”

Stansbury acknowledges the wide range of blogs within the technology topic, from those that review software and hardware to those that list the latest free classroom resources. To address this diversity, she includes a short descriptor after each blog listed: for example, “MindShift (research, policy, and cultural issues)” and “The Innovative Educator (creative teaching ideas).” In addition, several folks have already appended more suggestions in the comments area.

Bookmark and keep an eye on this story as new readers chime in. As with new technology itself, new ed-tech blogs never stop coming.


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