Tell Lawmakers to Hit the Brakes Before Education goes off the Fiscal Cliff


Deep cuts to every federal education program will be made in three weeks unless Congress acts to stop them.

As part of sequestration, which is set to automatically take effect on January 2, 2013, federal education spending will be reduced across the board by 8.2 percent. The looming education budget cuts come on top of spending reductions made to various federal education programs over the past couple of years.

Sequestration is $1.2 trillion in mandated spending cuts, and one of three components of what is being called the fiscal cliff. The two other pieces of the fiscal cliff are the expiration of both the Bush-era tax cuts and the temporary payroll tax holiday. These events are all set to simultaneously occur at the start of the New Year, creating what is called a “triple witching hour.”

Your action to stop sequestration is needed now.

Right now, visit ASCD’s sequestration resource page at There you will find a link to the ASCD Action Center, where you can send a customized letter to your lawmakers telling them to stop any more cuts to federal education spending. In addition, you will find on this page numerous resources to answer your questions about sequestration, including a calculator that helps you tally the cost of sequestration to your school or district.

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