Teaching with the Library of Congress


The Library of Congress may summon images of dusty corridors, but in fact it has millions of free, primary-source documents available online—and a handy blog to help translate them into your classroom and school. Teaching with the Library of Congress features a number of LOC staff who post regular updates on new resources, lesson plans, teaching strategies, and more.

A recent post highlights a new LOC-developed app based on Aesop’s fables—for use with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices—and reminds readers of new Common Core State Standards related to the fables. One entry links to archival recordings of migrant labor camps songs coupled with several creative lesson plan ideas about the Dust Bowl. And another blog post links to original newspaper articles about the Titanic tragedy along with suggestions for classroom learning.

The online world has no shortage of primary sources, but this lovingly curated blog distinguishes itself both in the deep well of content it exposes and the classroom-ready context it offers for it. Read more at http://blogs.loc.gov/teachers/.