Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains

education podcast

On this episode of ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio, author Donna Wilson joins host Rachael George to discuss student learning and metacognitive strategies. As Wilson explains, students need to have the cognitive assets –or strategies—to solve problems. She offers insight into the what, how, and why behind the cognitive strategies students need to manage their learning.

Donna Wilson is a leader of the academic team at BrainSMART and the Center for Innovative Education and Prevention is an educational and school psychologist and former teacher. Co-author of Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains: Metacognitive Strategies, Activities, and Lesson Ideas with Marcus Conyers. The pair has also created a five-part video series to accompany the book, where they model introducing students to brain basics and how to teach students about using their brains. The series is available on ASCD Streaming.

Rachael George is the principal of Sandy Grade School in the Oregon Trail School District and an ASCD Emerging Leader.