Teaching Mastery: Never Work Harder Than Your Students

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“You don’t have to turn yourself into someone’s idea of what a master teacher is; you can be a master teacher given who you are and what you are naturally gifted with,” states Robyn Jackson on this episode of ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio. Jackson joins host Chaunte Garrett to discuss the path to teaching mastery as discussed in the second edition of Jackson’s book, Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching.

Robyn Jackson is an ASCD author and faculty member, and a National Board-certified English teacher committed to helping every educator become a master teacher. As an educator, she increased the enrollment of minority and nontraditional students and tripled her overall course enrollment within one year without a decrease in test scores. As the founder and CEO of Mindsteps, she helps educators understand the principles of mastery teaching and shows them how to apply these principles in order to help every student succeed.

Host Chaunte Garrett is the director of accountability for the Rowan-Salisbury school system in North Carolina, an education consultant, and an ASCD Emerging Leader.