New Teachers Start Here


As the (traditional) school year comes to an end, graduating seniors are planning for college, teachers are anticipating that long-awaited vacation, and principals are planning questions for eager new teachers. Leader Talk recently discussed the types of questions asked during new teacher interviews. As a teacher in training, I decided to briefly answer a few for myself.

The most interesting people make the best teachers; what makes you interesting to children?

I am excited about and interested in what I teach. Since I am a visual learner, I have used pictures, demonstrations, and skits, along with the reading material, whenever I have taught. I like involving the students in the teaching process, getting them out of their seats and learning actively. I don’t want to hear my voice all day–I want to hear their voices, what they think.

What are your attitudes, thoughts, ideas about 21st century teaching and learning?

I consider myself technologically savvy. There are resources such as blogs, online journals, tutoring, and even interactive lessons on the Internet I would use to enhance learning. However, 21st century learning is not just about using 21st century mediums for learning. Learning through reading, writing, and debate is part of my instructional focus. I’m looking forward to teaching the classics in ways that will be relevant and useful to 21st century learners.

How would you answer these questions, and what questions would you ask a new teacher?