Teach the Cloud


Teach the Cloud features free cloud-based applications and open-source software useful for educators. In a blogosphere stuffed with technology-tools blogs, Derrick Waddell’s effort distinguishes itself with a strong personal touch and broad applicability. The tools he recommends are ones he uses and enjoys; and while he puts an educational spin on them, they tend to be tools just about anyone could use in their work and personal lives.

Among Waddell’s recommendations are Evernote, which has cross-platform note-taking tools;Greenshot, screenshot capture software he’s found invaluable in creating training guides for teachers; and DropItToMe, which makes it easy for teachers to collect student work online.

Beyond tool recommendations, Waddell provides big-picture perspective on buzzed-about ed-tech issues like the Khan Academy and digital textbooks. Most of all, in an area in which voices can tend to be a little bit wonky, Teach the Cloud is consistently friendly and accessible—and worth a regular visit.


  1. I loved the video on drop it to me. I am an educator and returning to college for a master’s degree after 20 years of teaching. In today’s society technology has taken over, so I am trying to learn some new things to try and keep my students interested. I find it hard to try and compete with all the gadgets they are using today


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