Synthesizing Education


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys kicking around ideas and thinking critically about education, take a moment to check out Aaron Eyler’s blog, Synthesizing Education. Tackling unquestioned assumptions and provocative topics, this high school history teacher seems to relish exploring the deeper questions.

Case in point: He kicks off his new series “Tough Questions” by asking if educators place too much emphasis on student engagement while leaving students ill-prepared for the rigors of higher education. A more recent post explores the same topic from a different angle. In “On Task vs. Engaged,” he notes the tension between keeping kids simultaneously focused and stimulated and wonders if there isn’t some value in encouraging students to concentrate on topics they might not be all that excited about.

Eyler is never shy to take apart an idea and explore its various implications. His curiosity and critical approach are welcome in a field often overrun with buzz phrases and trends du jour.