“Standards with Teeth?”

2007novelNovember Educational Leadership authors Steven Leinwand and Alan L. Ginsburg (“Learning from Singapore Math”) and Zalman Usiskin (“Do We Need Math Standards with Teeth?”) differ on the wisdom of having national math standards and ensuring alignment between the math concepts, resources, and assessments presented in each grade level around the United States.

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Leinwand and Ginsberg argue that “the very narrowness and disconnected nature of the organizing structure of mathematics education in the United States prevents us from developing a stronger and more effective instructional program.” Usiskin, on the other hand, believes chasing national standards is a false cure and that we should leave more latitude to individual states and schools.

Do you think math instruction would be more effective if the United States enforced a national math curriculum?

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of aligning math curriculum and instruction?

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Source: EL Study Guide / Making Math Count by Naomi Thiers.