Six Questions for Chief Technology Officer Gregory Smith


GregorySmith 1Recently, ASCD appointed Gregory Smith as the association’s new chief technology officer (CTO). In his new role, Smith will lead and direct the association’s technological planning and development. Smith will be ASCD’s first-ever CTO, a position created by the ASCD leadership team to enable the association to expand innovation opportunities with current and emerging technology. We sat down with Gregory to learn more about how his new role fits in with ASCD’s commitment to delivering high-quality professional development to educators. Learn more about ASCD’s professional development offerings at

Could you give us a brief description of your core responsibilities?

My core responsibility is to align technology with ASCD’s forward-thinking business products and services in order to deliver the most value to our membership base. I’ll be developing a strategic plan that leverages the right technology solutions for ASCD’s business challenges and opportunities that will give us a technology road map from today through the next three years and beyond.

Tell us about an upcoming project you feel particularly enthusiastic about.

I’m very interested in working with our program and marketing teams on advanced learning management systems and digital assets technology to continue to deliver cutting-edge, media-rich content to our members.

How do you see your role fitting into ASCD’s commitment to educators?

My alignment to ASCD’s commitment to educators is to make sure that the products and services ASCD develops are leveraging the right technologies and methodologies to ensure high-quality, continuing professional development for educators.

How has your background as a professor shaped your direction on technology in education?

Significantly! Education has been a priority in my life for decades and even more so now that my children are in K–12 and higher education. My academic background reinforces the desire and the focus for continual learning so that I can be the best tech executive possible.

On the flip side, how has your background as an IT executive shaped your direction on technology in education?

I think there is a trailing curve between education and bleeding-edge technology. My background in technology and my passion for education is allowing me to close the gap between them and then eliminate the lag time.

Who was your most inspiring teacher?

I have had inspiring mentors who have been successful in business and who also have significant backgrounds in higher education. They have inspired me the most.