Show up. Engage. Learn. Create. Problem-solve. Design.


Let’s talk straight for a minute about student equity.

Professional educators like you face big challenges in ensuring that each child in your care has an equitable shot at academic success, especially those students impacted by trauma and/or historically underrepresented in specific professions.

What if you were invited to attend an event, one where entire teams of content experts stood ready to help you accomplish one thing: Design a personalized strategic action plan to help you address an inequity problem in your practice as soon as you return to the job.

Would you go?

Consider this your “official invitation” to register now to attend ASCD’s Conference on Teaching Excellence. Join us this summer, June 29-July 1, to learn from and work alongside national experts and skilled practitioners to build your own action plan for addressing student equity across four pathways: STEAM, Community and Family Engagement, Underserved Populations, and Teacher Leadership.

A team of content experts and professional peers will guide and support attendees just like you through hands-on collaboration and on-the-spot problem solving. By the time you’re ready to pack up and head back home, you’ll have created a concrete and peer-reviewed equity action plan that you put to work ASAP.

Here’s a quick glance at our featured speakers:

In this presentation, participants will explore how students who receive the opportunity to learn through a STEAM lens can become our next generation of thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. Whether you’re a teacher, curriculum specialist, or superintendent, you’ll leave this presentation with an increased understanding of your role in fostering a STEAM-centered learning environment.

Drawing from his personal experience as a teacher/administrator and instructional coach for 20 years, Benn will share his “RHYTHM” concept—a set of culturally responsive teaching strategies, communication cues, and interpersonal attributes designed to improve teacher engagement with youth in classrooms and schools, particularly those in underserved and overlooked communities.

Anderson will provide practical, research-based strategies and models of success that educators can use immediately to improve performance for underserved populations.

Bowling will share insights on teacher leadership in the equity arena and provide tangible examples of how educators can advocate for students, their families, and their communities.

In addition to hearing from experts such as these, you’ll get to explore practical solutions aligned to the four equity pathways by attending concurrent sessions (15 in all!) on the first two days of the conference. Experienced practitioners will share case studies, promising practices, and actionable ideas in lively, interactive sessions.

And we’ve carved out time for you each day to work on your equity plan of action. (Yes, we really have thought of everything, including setting aside planning time!)

On day 3, participants will exhibit their action plans and receive feedback, input and ideas on them from other attendees, ASCD author experts and facilitators.

Arrive at a professional development conference with a seemingly insurmountable challenge; leave with a personalized, peer-reviewed equity plan of action to solve it.

Register now. Make plans to attend. Bring your team or just yourself. Then just …

Show up.






We’ll take care of the other details.

See you this summer at #ASCDCTE!