Schools and the Inauguration


How is your school or classroom handling Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony? Here in the D.C. area, some schools are simply closing for the day, and many students are highly engaged, according to the Washington Post:

“The thing that I thought was surprising was how many students were willing to do something else besides just talk about it,” said Springbrook High government and politics teacher Elizabeth Kelley. “They weren’t just interested in getting a day off, but they were truly interested in getting a day off to participate in one way or another. . . . I had two different students tell me that their parents were not going to let them take their exams because they were going to go to the inauguration.”

How many students will be there? The Post cites the Student Youth and Travel Association’s estimate of 500,000. Assuming your school is in session, one way to engage students is an online collection of 2009 Presidential Inauguration Lesson Plans, jointly produced by the NEA and the AFT and housed on the Presidential Inaugural Committee Web site.

What are your plans for Tuesday?


  1. Good question. The resources are good, but it may not be feasible to watch the actual event live. I teach abroad and the kids will be out of school when the event actually happens.
    Where can I download a copy of the event once it happens?

  2. The inauguration is always historical. I find it pitiful that just “this year” many Americans and American schools want to teach about our Nation’s History.


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