Rethinking School Discipline: New Challenges, New Solutions


Longtime educators have likely noticed that student discipline have changed. On this episode of ASCD Learn Teach Lead radio, our guest, Richard L. Curwin, offers new solutions for a new generation. He explains that every child matters and it is the relationship between a teacher and student that is more impactful than consequences.

Curwin is the co-author of Discipline with Dignity, 4th Edition: How to Build Responsibility, Relationships, and Respect in Your Classroom along with Allen N. Mendler, and Brian D. Mendler, which happens to be the 10th anniversary edition of the original publication. Richard Curwin is also a trainer, speaker, and experienced education practitioner who has worked with teachers, administrators, and parents throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Host Abbie Eklund is  Principal of Lincoln Elementary School and a 2016 ASCD Emerging Leader. Listen to Rethinking School Discipline: New Challenges, New Solutions.