Resource Roundup: Supporting New Educators


With about a month of the school year behind us new teachers, principals, and administrators have been watching pencils drop, hands go up, and the glimmer of understanding spread around students’ faces in the classroom.

The first year as an educator is an exciting one. You’re learning as much as you teach, and you’re finally able to put your knowledge and skills to work with students and your peers. But the first year can also be trying. It can be stressful. There are times when you feel you have to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments in your classroom.

To better help all levels of new educators, ASCD has put together the resources below that are sure to be helpful. Maybe there’s an assessment strategy you haven’t tried or a quote that will keep you going on a Tuesday morning. If you’re a veteran principal or teacher, we hope you’ll share some of your insights or favorite resources in the comments section. And you never know what you might discover from revisiting the basics! So be sure to check out these resources and share with us your thoughts.

  • Educational Leadership’s “Supporting Beginning Teachers” issue looks at a number of topics for new teachers including mentoring and teacher prep, as well as useful reflections from new and veteran teachers.
  • Think of your first year as a time to start filling your teaching toolbox for the rest of your career. “The New Teacher Toolkit” webinar can get you started.
  • It’s important to be energized, healthy, and well-balanced at any stage of the teaching game. Check out our free webinar, “The Well-Balanced Teacher,” and accompanying book to learn how you can create healthy routines that will help you be the best educator you can be.
  • Are you finding that your students are visual learners? You can be too by following ASCD on Pinterest. From infographics to handy strategy charts and poignant quotes by education experts, you can follow our boards for inspiration.
  • Looking for a community to share ideas and concerns as a new teacher? Our ASCD EDge® social networking platform has the group for you. Join the New & Student Teachers group to be a part of the conversation.