Reading Across the Content Areas


The Common Core State Standards for literacy call for explicit instruction in reading strategies across the content areas. The goal is to grow independent, strategic readers. What useful strategies can content area teachers use to help students grapple with complex texts through close reading? In the age of skimming, scanning, and surfing web texts, what challenges confront content area teachers who understand both the benefits and drawbacks of the wealth of digital information? What groundwork must teachers lay to prepare students to read nonfiction texts, not only in secondary schools, but also while students are still elementary readers? And how do content area specialists at the secondary level highlight the reading comprehension strategies and writing skills that are specific to a discipline? We invite articles that provide compelling examples of how a teacher uses specific strategies, engages and motivates students, and helps students construct meaning to master content and concepts within a subject area.

ASCD Express is looking for short, 600- to 1,000-word essays on the theme “Reading Across the Content Areas.” Please see our guidelines for submissions and then send your submissions to by October 18, 2012.