Read the Best of the EduBlog Awards


Looking for great new education blogs to read? Is your RSS feed growing stale? A great antidote to a tired online reading list is the annual EduBlog Awards, which highlights worthy sites in a wide variety of categories. Like award shows and top-ten lists covering music or movies, the EduBlog Awards is a useful, crowd-sourced cheat sheet for those who find blogs valuable but don’t always have enough time to ferret out the good ones. The 2011 winners have just been unveiled.

The distinct categories and published list of all blogs nominated make each year’s awards something of a directory, a bookmarkable guide to the best blogs by teachers, administrators, librarians, and more. Even better, the categories have expanded beyond the traditional definition of “blog” to include media such as web tools, wikis, and webinars.

To dip your toes into the offerings, check out the best new blog of the year, Tech With Intention, or the best class blog, Mrs. Yollis’ 3rd Grade Class Blog. Find the full list of winners at