EdBlog Watch: Putting the “Lab” in Collaboration


Blogwatch_2By creating an online space where students can share and explore ideas, high school science teacher Frank LaBanca is at the forefront of a burgeoning new movement that uses blogs as teaching aids. His blog (which received first place in the eSchool News blog contest), Applied Science Research, engages learners with provocative questions, interactive assignments, interviews, and other topics of interest.

LaBanca routinely requires his students to post their thoughts publicly in the “Comments” section of his blog, creating a collaborative environment that plants seeds for classroom discussions and allows students to learn from one another. In addition, his writing-intensive approach to science fosters good communication skills and serves as a model for teachers looking for new ways to implement writing across the curriculum.

Visit Frank’s blog at www.appliedscienceresearch.blogspot.com.

Submitted by Ben Licciardi, a library assistant in ASCD’s Information Resource Center. Education Blog Watch also appears every two weeks in the ASCD Express newsletter.