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ASCD Rights & Permissions: Permission Policies and Procedures

ASCD recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and adheres to copyright law. The following information will provide you with a better understanding of the rights ASCD exercises in all of its published content and how you can obtain permission for further use of ASCD publications for both academic and non-academic purposes.

Copyright Clearance Center, an authorized agent of ASCD, handles most permission requests to photocopy and for electronic use. However, some requests are handled by other divisions within ASCD, as indicated below.

All permission requests, whether directed to ASCD or Copyright Clearance Center, must be submitted in writing. Please note that using one of our online request forms to submit your request will result in the fastest response time.

Requesting Permission

General Requests: Online Permission Request Forms
Requests to Photocopy: Contact Copyright Clearance Center
Requests for Electronic Access and Web-Based Use: Contact Copyright Clearance Center
Requests to Translate an entire ASCD publication: E-mail Translations
Requests regarding Students with Disabilities: E-mail Permissions
For large reprint orders (500+) of individual Educational Leadership articles, contact The Reprint Outsource.


ASCD has provided a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about obtaining permission to use our products as well as our permission policies. Please contact ASCD’s Rights & Permissions Department if you have any additional needs or questions not addressed in the FAQ.

Contact Information

E-mail: Rights & Permissions
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Fax: 1-703-575-3926
Mail: ASCD Rights & Permissions
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