Peer into the Future for In-Person PD Opportunities


ConferencesOne the great strengths of ASCD’s professional development resources is that educators can engage their peers either online or in-person. Online, you can connect through any of our social media accounts, ASCD EDge, our blog, as well as take PD Online or PD In Focus courses. In person, you can attend one of our many professional development events held each year around the country.  Here is a look into the future with a few of our upcoming in-person professional development opportunities where you can join your fellow educators and hear directly from some of the leading minds in education.

Conference on Teaching Excellence
June 28–30, 2013, National Harbor, Md.
The new, higher value placed on teachers and teaching makes it more important than ever before to invest in the power of great instruction and learn how to leverage it in classrooms and school districts. This summer, you have the opportunity to make that investment at the ASCD conference devoted entirely to the topic of teaching excellence.

Conference on Educational Leadership
November 1–3, 2013, Las Vegas, Nev.
The importance of school leadership is beyond dispute, but the complexity of leadership responsibilities is more challenging than ever. Hear from leadership experts, share ideas with your peers, and reflect on your own leadership performance.

ASCD 69th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show
March 15–17, 2014, Los Angeles, Calif.
All students deserve engaging and focused experiences that amplify their brains and hearts. Now is the time to make a difference in the lives of our learners, to propel them into the world as beacons of success and hope.