Open Letter to Habits of Mind Educators


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Dear Habits of Mind educators,

You may have heard about the Habits of Mind 25th Anniversary Time Capsule already. But maybe you’re still not sure what to submit. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have time in your school day to devote to it. Use our submission form here or keep reading for more ideas!

Below you’ll find some charming videos that schools from our Habits of Mind family have made about their program. There’s everything from project overviews, school tours, and classroom tours. If your class is having an upcoming Habits of Mind lesson, why not film the presentation? Have your students been especially affected by the Habits of Mind? Interview them! Ask them about their favorite habit and what they think the world will be like in 25 years. Check out the links below for inspiration!

Charles D. Wyche Jr. Elementary

Our first time capsule submission! This video is led by a student named Natalia who is helping to present the Habits of Mind with her fellow classmates. Each student has been assigned a particular habit and takes ownership in explaining the last time they practiced it. 

Westbourne Park Primary School

This primary school showcases students’ interpretive drawings of what it means to gather data with all your senses, an essential habit of mind.

Richard D. Hubbard School

Check out how the Habits of Mind have affected this school’s culture.  As stated in this tour, Richard D. Hubbard School is aiming to create a “generation of caring, insightful problem solvers who are ready for the 21st century”.

South Fayette Elementary School

In this video, South Fayette Elementary introduces us to their 2nd Grade Learning Lab. We get to experience how the Habits of Mind have sparked motivation and inspiration during the collaborative process.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at We want submissions from as many schools as possible. We can’t wait to see what you send in! The deadline for submissions is February 28th 2018.

Cheers to you, Habits of Mind family!