NY Teachers Juggle Curriculum in Common Core Transition Years


Last week’s most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief item told the unfolding story of implementing Common Core math standards in New York state. As topics shift to occur in earlier or later grades than previous iterations of state standards, teachers face a new range of readiness gaps among students—not just in terms of the Common Core standards’ increased rigor, but also because the standards assume a set of prior learning experiences that will not bear true for the first waves of students to experience Common Core standards. Gotham Schools reports,

“The transitional years are really confusing because the Common Core is designed assuming a certain knowledge that [students] are coming into the grade with,” Hall said. “It is going to be pretty complicated for the next couple years, to ask, ‘what have they been exposed to, and what gaps will we need to fill anyway?’ ”

Complicating teachers’ work is that New York State has not yet released a final blueprint for next year’s math expectations or offered sample Common Core–aligned test questions.

Are you feeling caught between two sets of standards during these transition years? How are you responding?

In April, ASCD hosted a free webinar on the major curricular shifts and their implications for instruction in the Common Core math standards. Watch the webinar and download the related course materials here.