New On-Site and Blended ASCD Professional Learning Services Offerings


PLS offeringsFor all you school and district leaders, we’re excited to announce the new ASCD Professional Learning Services, enabling more of your districts nationwide to receive greater customized professional development from the association. ASCD Professional Learning Services offerings are customizable based on the needs of a district or school and are available in on-site or blended solutions.

The customized professional learning experiences we help you develop can be aligned with a variety of world-class approaches, such as those of

ASCD Professional Learning Services are committed to integrating the unique needs and realities of your district into the professional learning ASCD will provide and fully planning the customized implementation. This is what sets our services apart from other professional development programs, and is accomplished through

  • A clear communication plan, aligning major district and school initiatives with the work that ASCD Faculty experts are undertaking with your leaders and teachers.
  • Professional learning topics and approaches that are grounded in research and implemented with a focus on fidelity and consistency.

The ASCD Professional Learning Services team takes a variety of different approaches. A few of the key focal areas are

Capacity building: Designed to enhance local expertise and ensure sustainability, these services will prepare your educators for continued success.

Job-embedded learning: Professional development will occur as part of the day-to-day work of educators, rather than only on designated inservice days.

Whole child approach:  We will integrate curriculum, instruction, and assessment areas with the vital social-emotional components to ensure success for every school, child, and family.

Each educator can also remain up-to-date on professional development services with our PD In Focus® and PD Online® digital products.

If you haven’t been introduced to PD In Focus® yet, this on-demand PD system provides access to ASCD’s extensive library of online videos demonstrating effective teaching practice. Hundreds of videos are available that

  • Feature ASCD authors and experts
  • Can be grouped into customized channels based on a PD plan
  • Allow 24/7 access on most digital devices

PD Online provides progressive learning modules linking practice with research and offers flexible course design to support your personal PD needs. Other important features include

  • Pre- and post-assessments, along with check for understanding questions embedded throughout the course
  • Job-embedded applications linked to real-world practice