Student activism and blogs are two great tastes that pair well—and in one recent case, inspired by less-than-great tastes. Scottish 9-year-old Martha Payne’s blog, NeverSeconds, began as an effort to document and review her daily school lunches (or “dinners” in Scotland) using multiple measures of assessment, from healthfulness to price to “pieces of hair.” When the blog gained readers, including famous chef Jamie Oliver, reporters and local council members took notice, and “for the first time ever I have seen at lunch cherry tomatoes, radishes, and carrot and cucumber shreddings.”

Another happy side effect of the blog’s continuing popularity is the young readers from around the world who have begun sending in pictures of their own school lunches. In one recent post, Payne shares a contribution from a student in Tel Aviv, who sends a photo of a recent falafel lunch served on a decorative plate. Payne raves, “I love Ziva’s colourful plate. Every other plate I have seen is white. The pretty plate and placemat make the food look so much nicer and I bet it tastes great. I like colour!”

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