Mr. Robbo the PE Geek


The Mr. Robbo—The PE Geek blog, by Jarrod Robinson, brings readers both practical examples of integration and an infectious, genuine excitement about the new tools he’s using.

In the post “Watching My Classes’ Heart Beat,” Robinson shows how he used Google Docs to demonstrate the effect of exercise on his students’ heart rates. The students engaged in a number of different exercise routines, then entered their heart rates into a shared Google Spreadsheet after each one. Robinson writes, “the kids simply loved it and with the data being displayed visually, we were able to enter a much deep[er] conversation about how heart rate is affected by physical activity.”

Other examples of tech integration are applicable across content areas, such as his introduction of the communications software Skype to his students as a way to increase discussion and community, even after class is over. Online GPS trackers, the Nintendo Wii, and SMS messaging also pop up in helpful, relatable posts.