Marketplace K-12


Nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, and a regular supply of new Education Week blogs. That’s not to say the blogs are indiscriminately thrown together. They consistently fill key niches with authoritative voices and in-depth coverage, and Marketplace K–12 is no exception.

Written by new Ed Week staffer Jason Tomassini, the blog tracks the increasingly diverse array of companies working in the education sector. As Tomassini puts it in the blog’s introductory post, “The private sector’s growing involvement in education, as technology advances and budgets crunch, is an emerging and important issue that requires scrutiny.”

One useful post rounds up the broad array of state legislation affecting charter school operators, particularly those of virtual charters. A good deal of the blog’s content so far, though, has been his relentless live blogging from the recent SXSW Interactive conference, including detailed posts on entries in a K–12 startup contest and the “open education” movement. With the field becoming ever more crowded, Marketplace K–12 is an instant must-read.