Making Assignments Matter


Remember that uncomfortable feeling as a kid when you missed an assignment or didn’t do as well as you had hoped? Take a second to think about why you felt uncomfortable. Is it because the assignment mattered?

In her book, Assignments Matter: Making the Connections That Help Students Meet Standards, teacher coach Eleanor Dougherty examines what qualifies as an assignment, an activity, and an assessment and why each is important. The book aims to guide teachers and administrators in creating engaging, high-quality assignments for students through a seven-step process, as well as show educators the powerful impact that their assignments can have on teaching and learning. And for educators in states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards, Dougherty addresses how educators can craft assignments to meet the rigorous demands of the new standards and prepare their students for college and careers.

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And if you enjoy the book, check out the free study guide and webinar with Eleanor Dougherty.