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Every month, Educational Leadership magazine offers an array of articles on a theme relevant to educators. But did you know that it also offers a free study guide to help readers explore the theme in greater depth?

Educational Leadership

Written by EL associate editors Naomi Thiers and Teresa Preston, the study guide tackles a variety of subtopics related to that issue’s theme. Readers can work through the questions individually or use them to spark discussion with their professional learning community.

The questions and activities in the study guide help readers connect the ideas in the articles to their own practice and consider how they might apply some of the ideas in their school or classroom. Readers might brainstorm ways to answer a student’s question about the importance of a lesson or try to come up with books that might encourage a disengaged student to read.

The October study guide leads readers to think about how they can help ensure that student learning sticks. One section addresses study skills—as explored in the articles “Strategies That Make Learning Last” by Daniel T. Willingham and “The Science of Successful Learning” by Henry L. Roediger III—and asks teachers to find out how students are studying and think of ways they can improve students’ study habits. Here are some example questions:

  • Ask your students how they typically study for tests. How closely do their habits follow the pattern Willingham describes? What suggestions might you make for improvement of their study habits?
  • Willingham says that most of his students tell him they were not taught study skills in school. Do you teach study skills in your classes? If so, what skills do you teach? If not, how might you incorporate study skills into your instruction?
  • Make a list of the study habits that Willingham and Roediger endorse in their articles. How might you support your students in using these strategies?

For readers who want to expand their learning beyond EL, each study guide also includes a list of additional ASCD resources related to the issue’s theme.

The free study guide is published with each month’s EL issue (scroll down to the “Additional Online Content” section). Be sure to check out the October issue’s study guide. Past editions of the study guide are also available in the study guide archive.

Do you use the EL study guide for professional development? We’d love to hear how it has helped you and invite you to send us any suggestions for improving it! Share your thoughts in the comments.


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