Leader Links: So You Have a New Tablet or SmartPhone…


Where to Find Apps for Educators - ASCD Inservice The odds are good that you – or, at least, several of your colleagues – got a new tablet or smartphone over the holiday season, and are looking to fill it up with the magical mix of apps to make life and work easier and better. With countless apps on the market, these may be elusive, but there are a variety of solid directories, review-based blogs, and lists to dig into and share with your staff to make the odds of success greater.

For a global view of the landscape – at least for iOS devices – start with this Google Docs spreadsheet curated by Scott McLeod. Updated regularly, the document breaks down the major online sources of reviews and of the apps themselves, with a few comments to help you browse. Among the gems listed is APPitic, an app directory curated by Apple Distinguished Educators. The site lets you browse apps by categories like Flipped Classroom, Multiple Intelligences, and Bloom’s Taxonomy, in addition to more common tags like subject areas and grade levels. Quality review sites include Mobile iEducator and Teachers With Apps.

With “busy” being a common adjective to describe many educators, productivity apps are sure to be winners. 20 Best Mobile Productivity Apps of 2012 and 10 Amazing Productivity Apps You Aren’t Using are recent lists from business-oriented sites full of apps for all major operating systems.

Watch this space in 2013 for more on new apps written especially for school leaders!


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