Is October the Longest Month for New Teachers?

The initial jolt of back-to-school momentum has worn off, and teachers and students are settling in for the long haul of the school year.

Teacher Cossondra George writes (in last week’s most-clicked ASCD SmartBrief story) that new teacher, especially need to find the habits that will sustain them through the exhausting demands of a full year of teaching. George’s tips include setting boundaries that leave time for your family, health, and other personal needs, as well as ways to stay positive, keep perspective, and surround yourself with supportive peers.

New teachers and those who love them may also want to bookmark the ASCD Express series on tips for new teachers, which is full of great ideas for staying on top of your game throughout October and beyond.

Once the honeymoon period fades, what strategies help carry you for the full year?


  1. I think this was a perfect topic because many of us are starting to feel the newness of the year wearing off. She gives good tips on how to stay positive and refreshed in the year. It was very helpful and very positive. I enjoyed it and shared the post with my co-workers to boost moral.

  2. As a new teacher myself I found the article was very helpful and inspiring. As we enter in the middle of October I can feel the pressure of what is expected this school year. The article offers good tips to teachers in staying focus and positive. I enjoyed reading the article.

  3. I enjoyed the post very much! October is the month that we all feel the wear and tear of the beginning of the school year. It is nice to have tips to stay focused, but remain positive throughout the school year! I have shared the post with friends at work- all of them appreciated the tips!

  4. I really enjoyed this topic and it is so true for me. Every year my new students come in with smiling faces and I say this looks like it will be a calm year, but after about two maybe three weeks later, I tell my students that they had me fooled because they were treating each other so well. I always know that the honeymoon for the students want last, but I enjoy as much as I can until it is over. This was very helpful and very positive information

  5. I really appreciated this topic because I just recently began as a substitute teacher. I graduated in May, so I am a “newbie” in the classroom. I am grateful to see that you are taking the time to provide resources in order to help all of us that are in the same boat. Not only did I enjoy the tips in this article, but I appreciated the link to the tips on how to get parents involved in the classroom, as I feel this is a very critical part of teaching. After reading this, I can take a deep breath and feel a little more at ease-thank you!

  6. New teachers will struggle all year, if they aren’t provided with good support from the start. My 20 Tid Bits for new teachers post on Edutopia speaks to ways to stay hopeful e.
    Todays post Mentoring Matters speaks to the issue that I feel is critical for success all year. Mentors can make a difference!
    All the best to all new teachers…stay enthused and inspired!

  7. I really liked the linked articles. As this is my first year teaching I have been focusing on staying positive and taking criticism and using it to drive my instruction. I plan on bookmarking the articles and coming back to them as needed.

  8. With this school year being my first year teaching I found myself feeling very overwhelmed during October. This was my first time doing report cards and calculating grades. The excitement of the new school year had come and gone and it was now time for me to stay positive.


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