Inservice July/August Themes


Below you will find a list of the topics for July/August Inservice, please email me if you would like to write something on one of these topics. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

Assessment and Grading – due 7/20

Do the grades we assign to students truly reflect the extent of their learning? What assessment and/or grading strategies do you use to motivate students and help them learn? Have you seen things that work better than others? I invite you to share your thoughts, tips, or research that you may have.

ELL Essentials – due 7/27

What does it take to create an ELL friendly environment? What are the essentials of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and has an equal opportunity to learn? How can you best teach ELLs across content areas? Tips, resource guides, and personal stories are welcome.

Design Thinking – due 8/3

What if education leaders approached their work from the perspective of a designer? We want contributors to unpack what design thinking looks like in the classroom and why it’s a force for positive change. Real-world examples, personal reflections, or research on the concept of design thinking are welcome.

Back to School Advice – due 8/10

The beginning of a new school year marks a fresh start and an exciting time for educators to innovate. What will you be doing at the beginning of the school year to kick off a successful semester? What resources, advice, or practices have you found essential for the first weeks of the new school year? If you’re an admin or principal, what do you wish teachers new or what hopes do you have for the new year? All advice, tips, and examples are welcome.

Social-Emotional Learning – due 8/17

What is social-emotional learning and why is it important? How do schools play a role in SEL and how can educators make sure they involve best practices in their classrooms? How have you seen SEL change a school or student? Why do you think SEL is such a prevalent topic as of late? We welcome opinion pieces, research and data, as well as tips and tricks.

As always, if you would like to write on a different topic, feel free to send me your ideas.