In for Good


In her blog In For Good, ASCD Conference Scholar Meredith Stewart gives readers a glimpse into a 1:1 tablet school via her 6th grade Language Arts and World Cultures classroom. The blog is full of instructive examples of technology as a facilitator of learning and communication in schools, delivered in a friendly and reflective voice.

One recent post recalls a spontaneous, improvised lesson plan that unfolded from the basis of a discussion of the previous night’s assigned reading. She begins with students discussing questions they have about the text with a neighbor, then writing them on index cards—a decidedly old-school, analog exercise. Stewart then collects the best questions via e-mail from the students’ tablets, culls the best ones into a shared Google Doc, and lets the students loose to simultaneously write responses (“the room was silent other than the furious clicking of keys.”) Finally, she collects feedback on the process using a Google form.

Stewart’s reflective voice really shines in this post. Although positive about the outcome of the lesson, she admits the index cards and e-mails were probably redundant and advises not to improvise all the time, lest total exhaustion ensue. It’s writing that educators can learn from and relate to. Read more.