In Case You Missed It

Here are some recent items from ASCD:

  • Are students truly prepared for college and careers after finishing school? The latest Policy Priorities looks at whether students are truly prepared and what can be done to make sure they have the resources to succeed in higher education and in their jobs.
  • Make it a requirement for all students to work with tutors, not just for those who have identifiable problems, says Stephen Holland.
  • Carol Hunter says we need to do several things to help prevent bullying – among them: move beyond the bullying itself to focus on character development and promoting ethical values. Read her list of 8 items.
  • ASCD is coming to several parts of the country for institutes and conferences where attendees can gain valuable professional development and hear from leaders in the education world. Check out the places we will be offering these opportunities in the near future.
  • Whole Child Programs Director Sean Slade attended the Bullying Prevention Summit and says that the most important thing he came away with is that peers matter.
  • ASCD Express offers insights into how research can transition into meaningful ways students are motivated, learn, and develop.
  • The first week of school can be overwhelming for teachers and students alike. Check out these tips for how to make it go smoothly.
  • Jason Ellingson talks about Oscar Pistorius, the South African sprinter, who changed his perception of students “with a disability” to one of students “with different abilities.”

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