In Case You Missed It

Read about what’s been going on at ASCD recently:

  • Education Update looks at the benefits of teaching students financial literacy, so they know how to handle their money and investments.
  • ASCD recently partnered with a school district to work together to improve Title I professional development.
  • Hear from education experts at ASCD’s Fall Conference. Speakers will highlight popular topics such as formative assessment and academic standards at the conference, which takes place in Atlanta on October 26-28.
  • The founder of #edchat gives a primer on using hashtags on Twitter to connect people.
  • Want to learn about the latest education policy? Sign up to be an Educator Advocate and get the latest news on what’s happening with the latest policies.
  • You say you don’t have time to “do” digital citizenship? One educator outlines 5 examples of easily integrating digital citizenship objectives into your classroom
  • Mike Fisher says plant the seeds of modern instructional practice by beginning “vertical” conversations – conversations among multiple grade levels about what kids should know.
  •  Quick fixes may turn heads and earn principals “rock star status” with the faculty and staff—but they certainly don’t address deficiencies in curriculum, instruction and other facets in  in the classroom.  Ryan Thomas says principals need to stay focused on what matters.

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