In Case You Missed It

Didn’t get a chance to see what’s new at ASCD this week? We’ve got you covered:

  • Recently, the Whole Child Blog focused on bullying and the effects it has in schools and on the students who face this harassment. Hear what Jeffrey, a 7th grader, did to step up and confront this issue head on and read his principal’s response.
  • Are you a new principal? Check out Ellen Ullman’s tips for a smooth transition from the classroom to the administrator’s office. Other articles in this issue of Education Update explore social entrepreneurship, closing the learning gap, and how to plan a meaningful field trip.
  • Intervening in a student’s life can have a major impact on how his or her academic success. Learn how educators developed and used interventions that work for students with a wide range of needs and problems including autism, depression, and learning disorders.
  • The human brain is a complicated thing, but author Patricia Wolfe helps us understand it a little better in her book, Brain Matters: Translating research into Classroom Practice, 2nd Edition. Check out a sample chapter on opening the “black box” of the brain or see what questions she poses in her study guide.
  • Our policy guy David Griffith wrote an article for Distric Administration on how the federal government can better support a well-rounded K-12 education for each child. Follow David’s #ASCDpolicy tagged tweets at

Add your own highlights in the comments and check this spot for our regular weekly digest of ASCD activities.


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