In Case You Missed It

What went down at ASCD this week? Keep reading:

  • What does it mean to consider the classroom “a community of 30”? Read ASCD’s Healthy School Communities Director Sean Slade’s reflections on the first federal bullying prevention summit in his guest post at Washington Post‘s Answer Sheet blog: “Getting real about social, emotional learning.”
  • Polls show a majority of Americans believe that teacher quality should be the national education priority and 23 percent of students are disengaged from school. ASCD responded to these and other findings in the PDK and Gallup Poll results released this week.
  • Learning from Lincoln authors Harvey Alvy and Pam Robbins dropped by to host their first ASCD webinar. We’ll be adding this one to the archives shortly: follow the links on our related blog post, “Crafting Your School’s Gettysburg Address.”
  • Tim Westerberg and Judy Willis got their own ASCD author pages.
  • Look who’s tweeting, too: ASCD author Jenny Edwards, @jedwards814
  • An ASCD EDge post asks, “What’s a Fair and Effective Teacher Evaluation?” and finds the answer in some of ASCD’s resources.
  • Do state and national funding averages tell the whole story? The September issue of ASCD’s policy newsletter, Infobrief, discusses how education funds are distributed and where money strays from the neediest students and lasting, positive reforms: “Education Funding: Underwater and Overdue for Reform.”
  • Meet the candidates in this year’s ASCD elections cycle in the September issue of member newsletter Education Update.

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