In Case You Missed It


Here are some of the highlights from ASCD this week:

  • Glenda Horner discusses what it’s like to coach in the field of differentiated instruction.
  • The International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership recently published a pair of articles on a new Saudi Arabian education strategy and another article on arts-based leadership in rural South Carolina. To view the full text of these articles, please click here.
  • Mike Fisher recently watched a student-made Katy Perry video and it got him thinking about how engaged the students were. Fisher talks about how this is a “lesson event” that the students will never forget and how it is important for educators to create time for similar things in the classroom.
  • During December, many students and teachers talk about the holidays including Santa and gifts. For ELL and other students, this can can be a controversial topic since many students do not celebrate Christmas and are from other faiths. Judie Haynes talks about the problems this can create in the classroom in regards to separation of church and state.

Add your own highlights in the comments, and check this spot for our regular weekly digest of ASCD activities.