How Whole Child-Focused Is Your School?


All educators want to improve outcomes for their students but sometimes lack the time and structure to focus their efforts. ASCD’s new school-improvement tool is a free application focused on giving educators a guided opportunity for reflection.

The tool allows educators to self-assess themselves against  60 indicators of a whole child approach, and it provides scores for each tenet and its sustainability. Scores will reflect where you, your school, or your district is in terms of

  • school climate and culture
  • curriculum and instruction
  • leadership
  • assessment
  • family and community engagement
  • professional development and staff capacity

Based on your scores, the tool suggests an array of ASCD resources that address your specific needs. (Many of these resources are available for free, through, by the way.)

Use this free tool to guide discussions with your staff, take stock of where you are as a school community, and get ideas and resources for next steps.